Boeken geschreven door Elodie | Curaçao, my lasting love affair – Bea Moedt

The photographs in this book are Bea Moedt’s tribute to Curacao. Conform her wish proceeds go to Hospice Arco Cavent.

Fotoboek Bea Moedt – tekst Elodie Heloise

‘Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans’
This quote, coined by the American writer Allen Saunders, holds true for what happens to most of us. Life can so easily pass us by; it is often what we have already experienced or what we are still waiting to experience. Yet we feel most alive when we are in the moment of what life is giving us. There and then, we are connected to life in its purest form. That is what my photographs are all about. Capturing life as it happens, sharing the moment, living it as it occurred in front of my camera. From the moment we met, Curaçao has been my life teacher for this miraculous consciousness.
So make sure you take a deep breath every once in a while, stand still for a second and feel your feet connect to the ground. Then realize that life is exactly what is happening to you right now. Embrace it, feel enriched with the tiniest of experiences, and see the wonder in everything — like I did. That is what ’Curaçao, my lasting love affair’ stands for.